Las Vegas Ent. & Sports Television, Inc. - & Nat'l/L.V. Ent. & Sports HALL OF FAME, Inc.
Jon Astor-White (Jon Astor), President/CEO, produced his first TV show, a variety-talk show called
"THE WHITE HOUSE", in L.A. CA, in 1970, at Metromedia TV Studios. The show was the first TV
appearance of "EARTH, WIND & FIRE", founded by Maurice White. Jon (although, not blood related), 
introduced,  Maurice White, as his brother. Jon and Maurice, grew-up together in Chicago,
and Jon helped to move the original group from Chicago to L.A., CA. and  secured their release from
Capitol Records (Old name" SALTY PEPPERS"), and Jon and his friend, football legend, Jim Brown  
assisted "EWF" 1ST. in signing with Warner Bros. Records, Later "EWF", signed with Columbia Records,
who, gave Maurice White, more creative and producing control. That's history, still in the making.
(NOTE: Jon White, began his career, as a young singer, during the final months of his senior year
at Du Sable, High School, in Chicago. Du Sable, would have Friday-Night Socials (dances),  with
a live band. Jon, would sing, each Friday night, imitating the song-stylings of his idol, "Johnny
Mathis". After the Army and  working at Beneficial Finance and MICA Insurance Companies, Jon
began his professional singing career; starting, at the "Venetian Hotel" and the "Southerland Hotel",
on the south side of Chicago, before moving to the north-side, to the "Boom Boom Room" where
Maurice White, was Jon's drummer. Jon up-graded to appearing in the"Living Room", at the
original "Playboy Club", which led to Jon singing at "Hefner's Mansion", with the Harold Harris
Trio. Actor/Impressionist, Frank Gorshin, heard Jon singing at the Playboy, and ask Jon to be
his opening act, at the Sherman House Hotel, November 1964. Between 1964 and 1967, Jon
continued, appearing at various nightclubs, within the Chicago area, and decided to move to
Los Angeles, CA., in late 1967. Unable, to immediately, find work as a performer, Jon, as he states
was blessed, to be referred, by friends in Chicago, to take a job, as the "Doorman" at the world
famous "Whiskey A Go Go", run by two retired Vice-Cops from Chicago, Elmer Valentine, and
Mario Maglieri. Needless to say, Jon was able to meet all the stars, such as: Janice Joplin, Jim
Morrison, Etc. and the entertainment power-brokers, before leaving the Whiskey, in 1969, to
continue, his career.)
Jon Astor-White, had small acting roles, on TV; "Barnaby Jones", "The FBI" and "Room 222", and in
the movie "Myra Breckinridge", which Jon wrote one of his comedy bar scenes. All, mostly shot
at 20th Century Fox Film Studios. (between 1970 - 1975) Also, a special singing engagement at the
Maseru "Holiday Inn",  near Johannesburg, South Africa. (1977) . Jon will never forget that time-
period. It was the time and month (August 77), that Jon's new friend Elvis Presley, died.  Jon now
tells of the night, he and  a lady-friend, went to see Elvis' show at the "International Hotel" (now
the "Westgate Resorts"), in the mid-70s. Jon and his lady-friend were invited backstage, and later
to join Elvis and friends in the Elvis Suite. Seeing, all the beautiful ladies, with the band members
going to their suites,  Jon expected (being from Hollywood), nothing less than an orgy, Etc.  Jon
was pleased, and relieved to find Elvis, with his dad Vernon, Ernest Borgnine and his wife , and
the "Sweet Inspirations", J.D. and the Stamps, and "we all delightfully, talked about religion and
sang spiritual songs until daylight". Elvis was truly a good man and a man of deep faith in GOD!
December 1973, Jon Astor developed the concept, that led to the development of the "People's
Choice Awards" including the "Applauding Hands Award" itself (changed in 2010), as presented
to Dick Atkins, at Procter & Gamble, in New York. (Shown on CBS, from 1974 thru 2017-E! 2018)
Jason Miller, nominated for  an Academy Award (The Exorcist), and Pulitzer Prize winner for his
play "That Championship Season", and Jon were friends/biz. assoc.; Jon Astor, re-wrote " That
Championship Season",  featuring an all-Star Black cast for Broadway. (1979)
Mr. Astor, organized the syndication, and was the Executive Producer, of the NAACP's "IMAGE
1983-84, which set the standard, for all of the "IMAGE AWARD"TV shows that followed, to date.
In late 1983, Jon Astor-White, moved to Las Vegas, and  noticed the lack of quality, TV production
originating from Las Vegas; Jon, first set up his production company "The Astor Corporation,Inc",
and also established the Nat'l/Las Vegas Entertainment Hall Of Fame, Inc, which was recently
changed to Nat'l/Las Vegas Entertainment & Sports Hall Of Fame, Inc. All to honor Entertainment
and Sports personalities, during  "Hall Of Fame Weekend" featuring the "Vegas Star Awards" to
be taped for a three (3) hour world-wide television special, to rival the "Tony's", in New York.
Some of the well-known, entertainers and personalities, that Mr. Jon Astor-White, is proud to have
managed and/or produced, are; "FRANK GORSHIN" (Riddler on the Batman TV show), worked as
an assistant to Joe Scandore, manager of "DON RICKLES", late 80's, and "THE FRIENDS OF
DISTINCTION" (their hit records-"GRAZIN IN THE GRASS"/"GOING IN CIRCLES", Etc.) and "EWF",Etc.
Mr. Astor-White, was Executive Producer, for the "SUPPER SLOW JAM" Old School TV show,
taped at the Universal Amphi-theater, October 1996. The show featured, "WAR", DENIECE
WILLIAMS", "THE DELFONICS", "THE MANHATTANS", and many others. Shortly, there-
after, Jon and an associate, presented the "Friends Of  Distinction" and comedian John Byner in
the showroom, at the Gold Coast Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, Actor/Impressionist Frank
Gorshin, was presented at the Gold Coast Hotel, in May  2002. Again, presenting the "Friends Of
Distinction" on three different occasions, at the MGM Grand, between, 2002 and 2004.
April 2006, Jon and percussionist, (with Neil Diamond) "King Errisson", took over the, very quaint
and intimate (200 seats), showroom, at the Four Queens Hotel Casino, in Las Vegas, NV. First, to
showcase, King Errisson's new show, which only lasted for a short time. King Errisson, decided
to take a break. Jon, was able to bring in Bobby Ruffin's," Tribute To The Drifters" and Pete
Barbutti, a well known local comedian, featured, many times on the "Tonight" show. That show
ran for over two months.
Around June 2010, Darin Feinstein, Esq. took control of the Rio All-Suite Hotel's, showroom and
named it, the "CROWN THEATER/NIGHTCLUB", (they also own the Viper Room, in L.A. CA.)
Jon, just happend to meet Darin Feinstein, at an event, at the Crown Theater/Nightclub, shortly
after Darin, took control. Jon Astor, was so impressed with Darin and his concept, to present live
concerts, during the early evenings and convert to, a very lively and hot nightclub experience for
late-night, that, Jon asked,  if he could assist,  in any way. Jon introduced Darin to  Frank Luca, 
Matchmaker/Promoter, ironically for, CROWN BOXING INC. who among many other fights, also
promoted the "HOLYFIELD/BOTHA", fight at the Thomas & Mack Center, in Las Vegas. Darin
loved the idea, of staging live boxing events, in his very intimate 800 seat venue. The first boxing
event was held, September  3, 2010, followed by another October 22, 2010, all very successful. The
October, boxing event, was video taped, by our video crew at, Las Vegas Ent. & Sports TV, Inc.
(also, Mr. Jon Astor-White, arranged and marketed , "CARNIVAL CABARET" and the "TWO
KINGS", a  Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, tribute show, presented at the CROWN THEATER,
September 24-25, 2010, both shows, received raved reviews) Watch for other productions & shows;
Along with "CROWN BOXING", we staged 3 fights at the Rio; next at the LVH (fmr.Hilton) 2/4/12.

    Mr. Astor-White, established  Las Vegas Entertainment & Sports Television,Inc. as a proposed
Entertainment and Sports Television Network, and Production Company, June 2009,  to best serve
the Las Vegas, local community, and to produce quality television, to be shown, around the world.
In-addition to producing, major entertainment and sports television specials, LVES-TV, under Mr.
Jon Astor-White's, direction, are developing, the following; "Vegas Superstars", a game show
styled, like (Hollywood Squares), "Jazz On The Rocks", a weekly musical show, featuring known
and unknown Jazz artist,  "Ghetto Warrior", a boxing competition, to showcase up and coming
fighters, from the various, city Ghettos, "Player's Choice", a game show, styled like "The Price
is Right", "King Solomon", (not the biblical character) but, a mini-series projection, "Las Vegas
Showcase", a weekly musical-variety TV show, featuring known stars, and upcoming, stars of
the future, to  appear on our  LVES-TV Network. Watch, for the most anticipated, star-studded
series of events, in the 100 year history of Las Vegas, the "HALL OF FAME WEEKEND" which
features the "VEGAS STAR AWARDS", to launch our LVES-TV, 24/7 worldwide "OTA" and Cable
television network; set to debut, very soon, dates (TBA). Check it out and  STAY TUNED!!
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